Breeding for compact growth in ornamentals using rhizogenic Agrobacteria

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Emmy Dhooghe - Invited speaker

    Compactness of ornamentals is an important trait in ornamental production which is achieved by regular application of various chemical growth inhibitors. To improve biosafety for farmers and consumers and in the light of the development of more sustainable and environmental-friendly plant production, reduction in the use of these chemicals is desirable. To this end we aim to generate new varieties that are less dependent on chemical growth inhibition. Previous investigations have revealed that plants regenerated from Rhizobium rhizogenes transfected tissue produce plants displaying more compact architecture (Casanova et al., 2005). R. rhizogenes modifies the host plant by inserting oncogenes (rol genes) in their nuclear genome (Kovacova et al., 2014). Expression of the rol genes results in excessive growth of roots which is referred to as hairy roots (HR). Plants regenerated from HR tissue typically display morphological traits such as dwarfism, extensive lateral branching and reduced apical dominance (Tsuro & Ikedo, 2011). Our project aims to create new genotypes with the rol genes included. We focus on 4 ornamental species, Viola, Osteospermum, Sinningia, and Rhododendron, which are important for the Flemish horticulture and require intensive treatment with growth inhibitors during production. Viola is the model plant for the group of seed-propagated bedding plants, Osteospermum represents the herbaceous perennials propagated by cuttings, Sinningia characterizes the flowering pot plants and Rhododendron as important Flemish ornamental is a suitable model plant for woody ornamentals. The four species were subjected to infection with R. rhizogenes and HR produced. Here we report on the success rate of transfection. Preliminary analysis of the morphology of regenerated plants will also be presented.

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    Title2nd International and 3rd National Congress on Flower and Ornamental Plants
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