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  1. Aerts, Johan

    Aerts, Johan

    P340-lipids (Fatty acids, GC-FID, SFA, MUFA, PUFA), P340-steroids (Biomarker, Cortisol, Glucocorticoids, UPC-MS/MS)

  2. Amery, Fien

    Amery, Fien

    B390-plant-breeding, B410-soil-science, B434-agrochemistry, P305-environmental-chemistry (soil chemistry, water chemistry)

  3. Bronchart, Filip

    Bronchart, Filip

    P190-thermodynamics (dehumidification, greenhouse insulation, heat and mass transfer, hygroscopic salt solution)

  4. Cooreman, Kris

    Cooreman, Kris

    B350-development-biology, B360-animal-physiology (contaminants, ecotoxicology, effects), P310-enzymology, P320-nucleic-acids

  5. Daeseleire, Els

    Daeseleire, Els

    P300-analytical-chemistry (contaminants, residue analysis, veterinary drugs)

  6. De Clercq, Nikki

    De Clercq, Nikki

    B230-microbiology, P300-analytical-chemistry

  7. De Ruyck, Hendrik

    De Ruyck, Hendrik

    P300-analytical-chemistry, T430-food-and-drink-technology

  8. Deloof, Daphné

    Deloof, Daphné


  9. Demeyer, Peter

    Demeyer, Peter

    B434-agrochemistry, P240-gases-and-fluid-dynamics, T420-agricultural-engineering-agricultural-machines-farmhouse-construction

  10. Reybroeck, Wim
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