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  1. Aerts, Johan

    Aerts, Johan

    Animal morphology, anatomy and physiology, Biochemistry and metabolism not elsewhere classified, Vertebrate biology

  2. Akbarzadeh, Mehrdad
  3. Al Farisi, Brahim

    Al Farisi, Brahim

    Data visualisation and imaging, Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering not elsewhere classified

  4. Aluwé, Marijke
  5. Amery, Fien

    Amery, Fien

    Agrochemistry and fertilisers, Environmental chemistry, Recycling, Soil chemistry, Soil sciences, challenges and pollution not elsewhere classified, Sustainable development

  6. Ampe, Bart

    Ampe, Bart

    Coding tools and techniques, testing and debugging, European law, Modelling and simulation, Modelling and simulation, Numerical analysis, Probability theory, Programming languages not elsewhere classified, Statistics, Statistics and numerical methods not elsewhere classified, Veterinary epidemiology

  7. Aper, Jonas

    Aper, Jonas

    Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology, Agricultural plant production not elsewhere classified, Crop science