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  1. Dekimpe, Michael

    Dekimpe, Michael

    Analytical separation and detection techniques, Aquatic chemistry, Marine pollution

  2. Delbare, Daan
  3. Delezie, Evelyne

    Delezie, Evelyne

    Agricultural animal husbandry, Agricultural animal nutrition, Agricultural animal welfare

  4. Deloof, Daphné

    Deloof, Daphné

    Fisheries sicences not elsewhere classified

  5. Demaître, Niels
  6. Demeyer, Peter

    Demeyer, Peter

    Environmental technologies, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering not elsewhere classified

  7. Depestele, Jochen

    Depestele, Jochen

    Animal ecology, Fisheries sicences not elsewhere classified, Marine ecology, Marine geoscience, Sustainable fishery management