1. Farahbakhsh, Siavash

    Farahbakhsh, Sia

    Economic systems and institutions, Innovation and technology management, Modelling and simulation, Organisation and management theory, Sociology of complex organisations, Strategic management

  2. Festjens, Felien

    Festjens, Felien

    Aquatic biology, Ecosystem services, Environmental monitoring, General biology not elsewhere classified, Marine ecology

  3. Foqué, Dieter

    Foqué, Dieter

    Ecology not elsewhere classified, Ecotoxicology, Fisheries sicences not elsewhere classified, Forestry sciences not elsewhere classified, Invasion biology, Marine ecology, Other engineering and technology not elsewhere classified, Plant ecology, Plant morphology, anatomy and physiology, Plant systematics and taxonomy, Terrestrial ecology

  4. Fosselle, Sylvie

    Fosselle, Sylvie

    Other social sciences not elsewhere classified

  5. Frijlink, Matthieu

    Frijlink, Matthieu

    Agricultural animal husbandry