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  1. Haegeman, Annelies

    Haegeman, Annelies

    Analysis of next-generation sequence data

  2. Herman, Lieve
  3. Heungens, Kurt

    Heungens, Kurt

    Agricultural plant protection

  4. Heuts, Reindert

    Heuts, Reindert

    Agricultural systems analysis and modelling, Environmental impact and risk assessment, Sustainable agriculture

  5. Heyndrickx, Marc

    Heyndrickx, Marc

    Bacteriology, Food microbiology, Microbiomes, Other veterinary sciences not elsewhere classified

  6. Heyrman, Evert

    Heyrman, Evert

    Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering not elsewhere classified

  7. Hillewaert, Hans

    Hillewaert, Hans

    Animal systematics and taxonomy, Aquatic biology, Community ecology, Environmental monitoring, Invertebrate biology, Marine ecology

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