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  1. Rakers, Peter

    Rakers, Peter

    General and logistic services

  2. Rasschaert, Geertrui

    Rasschaert, Geertrui

    Agricultural, veterinary and food sciences not elsewhere classified, Other veterinary sciences not elsewhere classified

  3. Reubens, Bert

    Reubens, Bert

    Agricultural land management and planning, Agricultural plant production not elsewhere classified, Carbon sequestration science, Ecosystem services, Environmental monitoring, Sustainable agriculture

  4. Reybroeck, Wim
  5. Riebbels, Greta

    Riebbels, Greet

    Science and health communication

  6. Robbens, Johan

    Robbens, Johan

    Algae biotechnology, Environmental marine biotechnology, Food sciences and (bio)technology not elsewhere classified, Food sensory sciences, Food technology, Industrial biotechnology not elsewhere classified, Marine pollution

  7. Rogge, Elke

    Rogge, Elke

    Sustainable agriculture

  8. Rogge, Laura
  9. Roldán-Ruiz, Isabel

    Roldán-Ruiz, Isabel

    Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology, Crop science, Quantitative genetics

  10. Rollier, Isabelle
  11. Ruttink, Tom

    Ruttink, Tom

    Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology, Cell growth and development, Computational evolutionary biology, comparative genomics and population genomics, Computational transcriptomics and epigenomics, Development of bioinformatics software, tools and databases, Genome structure and regulation, Genomics, Microbiomes, Molecular and cell biology not elsewhere classified, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering not elsewhere classified, Plant cell and molecular biology, Plant developmental and reproductive biology

  12. Ruysschaert, Greet

    Ruysschaert, Greet

    Agriculture, land and farm management not elsewhere classified, Carbon sequestration science, Land capability and soil degradation, Soil physics