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  1. Saleem, Aamir

    Saleem, Aamir

    Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology

  2. Schaumont, Dries

    Schaumont, Dries

    Analysis of next-generation sequence data, Development of bioinformatics software, tools and databases

  3. Semeraro, Alexia

    Semeraro, Alexia

    Aquaculture, Aquatic biology, Conservation and biodiversity, General biology not elsewhere classified, Marine ecology, Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogics

  4. Slos, Dieter

    Slos, Dieter

    Analysis of next-generation sequence data, Animal systematics and taxonomy

  5. Smaal, Sara

    Smaal, Sara

    Citizenship, Human rights and justice issues, Public administration, Social movements and collective action, Sustainable agriculture, Urban and regional planning policy, instruments and legislation, Urban sociology and community studies

  6. Snellinx, Stien
  7. Sonck, Bart
  8. Sys, Klaas

    Sys, Klaas

    Marine ecology, Modelling and simulation, Numerical analysis, Numerical computation, Sustainable fishery management, Wildlife and habitat management