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  1. Van Beek, Jonathan

    Van Beek, Jonathan

    Agricultural plant production not elsewhere classified, Data visualisation and imaging, Geospatial information systems, Horticultural crop production, Image processing, Navigation and position fixing, Photogrammetry and remote sensing, Remote sensing

  2. Van Bogaert, Noémi

    Van Bogaert, Noémi

    Marine ecology, Phytopathology, Sustainable fishery management, Virology

  3. Van Coillie, Els
  4. Van Damme, Liesbeth

    Van Damme, Liesbeth

    Agricultural animal welfare

  5. Van De Gucht, Tim

    Van De Gucht, Tim

    Agricultural animal nutrition, Agricultural animal production not elsewhere classified, Environmental engineering and biotechnology not elsewhere classified, Sustainable development

  6. Van De Vijver, Ruben

    Van De Vijver, Ruben

    Agricultural plant protection, Crop science, Data visualisation and imaging, Food sensory sciences, High performance computing, Post-harvest fisheries technologies

  7. Van den Bossche, Tine

    Van den Bossche, Tine

    Agricultural animal nutrition

  8. Van den Broeke, Alice

    Van den Broeke, Alice

    Agricultural animal husbandry, Veterinary genetics

  9. Van den Bulcke, Laure

    Van den Bulcke, Laure

    Environmental impact and risk assessment, Marine ecology

  10. van der Velden, Daniël

    van der Velden, Daniël

    Applied sociology not elsewhere classified, Research, science and technology policy, Sociological methodology and research methods

  11. Van Droogenbroeck, Bart

    Van Droogenbroeck, Bart

    Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology, Agricultural plant production not elsewhere classified, Agricultural, veterinary and food sciences not elsewhere classified, Biotechnology for agricultural, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences not elsewhere classified, Crop science, Food and additive engineering, Food sensory sciences, Food technology, Genetics not elsewhere classified, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering not elsewhere classified, Plant biochemistry, Sustainable agriculture

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