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Main research question/goal
Which parameters determine good early vigour of industrial chicory? The aim is to improve the quality and yield of industrial chicory by using its genetic capacity. Fast plant development and rapid ground cover are features of good early vigour. This is critical during spring when cold stress is a factor. Screening procedures for cold tolerance need to be developed to assess genotypes in an objective way. Furthermore, we examine whether genotypes identified as being more cold tolerant and then crossbred result in genotypes with an improved growth at low temperatures compared to their parents.

Research approach
The determining parameters for optimal early vigour are searched for using ecophysiological experiments, phenotyping (growth analysis) and biochemical analysis. Experiments are carried out in growth chambers (control and chilling temperatures) and in field trials. Individual plants are analyzed on the level of photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence, growth (medium throughput phenotyping using image analysis) and pigment composition. In field trials the relation between early vigour and yield is studied. Finally, crop/yield models can be improved by adding specific early vigour parameters.

This research project is of interest for several more applied projects. Examples include the effect of crop management of industrial chicory on the final yield of the crop, the effect of stress situations on growth and the cultivation of crops, the development of screening tools for breeding and comparison of new varieties in DUS and VCU trials.
Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/19

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