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Main research question/goal
The goal of this policy-supportive project is to take efficient action against INS (invasive non-native species) that cause ecological and/or economic damage in all habitats in the coastal zone. The project brings together the expertise and manpower of the Interreg projects RINSE and MEMO, which both aim to reduce the impact of INS. To set accurate priorities and actions, a network of expertise and communication about INS in all habitats in the coastal zone is recommended. By identifying the knowledge gaps regarding the target species as well as the communication tools used, guidance can be developed about the most effective methods to identify INS and communicate INS about risks and impacts to different target audiences. The new EU legislation on INS is being prepared. This project aims to assist Europe with effective implementation of that legislation.

Research approach
First, we make an evaluation and look at both the RINSE and MEMO projects to identify the knowledge gaps concerning the INS that have already been identified as well as the methods developed for INS reduction and communication about INS. We share this information through an international event and a booklet. In the second phase, an action plan (vision) is prepared that includes the requirements of the new INS legislation. We monitor the usefulness of the action plan, meaning that the Member States can take concrete measures to convert the forthcoming EU regulation. In the second phase, we also identify the (scientific) steps to resolve knowledge gaps and we continue to develop "best practices" to reduce the risk of the spread of INS.

Communication, cooperation, consciousness-raising and management of INS are important aspects to manage the introduction and spread of these species in the area. The research cluster focuses now established focuses explicitly on the new EU legislation concerning INS currently being ratified by the European Parliament. This gives the scientists a chance to cooperate with the European administration in their explanation and communication of this new legislation to the stakeholders. The project is also expected to offer support to local and regional policy makers, who are currently preparing for the new EU legislation. The initiative has been timed so that new European legislation will be available and preparatory discussions with the EC will be possible. This should guarantee an effective way of working.
Effective start/end date1/03/1430/11/15

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