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Main research question/goal
We are investigating how organic matter turnover can be ameliorated by proper soil management to improve soil fertility and healthy crop development. Soil fertility is a major topic in organic cropping systems because it is decisive for nutrient availability and conservation. Growth medium characteristics affect rooting and soil biology, which in turn affect nutrient uptake.

Research approach
Strategies and specific measures for soil management are examined in short and long term field trials. Specific issues are fertilization (from animal versus from plant origin), method of soil tillage (time and intensity) and the use of green manures in the crop rotation. Our research considers the influence of soil condition and individual soil management measures on crop development, nutrient use and weed pressure.

Organic agriculture is one of the most sustainable cropping systems because it restricts the use of external inputs. This makes the farmers’ understanding of the natural processes of plant nutrition and mechanisms of crop protection even more important - they need to take the right cultivation measures at the right time, using the right technology. Our research offers knowledge that expands the practical skill of current and future organic farmers.
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