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Main research question/goal
We are investigating how extensive and how fast soil fertility can be improved by soil management measures. We also want to know how important soil condition is for crop and environmental quality in an agro-ecosystem. What is the impact of soil condition and soil management on N dynamics in the soil and the utilization of the applied fertilization?

Research approach
The research is done by incubation experiments in the lab, pot experiments and field trials. N dynamics of farmers’ fields are examined and related to soil condition, cultivation measures and crop rotation. A set of soil management measures is applied in a multi-year field experiment. The resulting effects on soil condition and utilization of N input are assessed. Additionally, we examine if specific excipients may influence the N availability after incorporation of crop residues.

Understanding of N dynamics in the soil, more specifically the mineralization-immobilization pattern, may be useful to ameliorate the advisory systems for N fertilization in vegetable growing. When fertilization is better tuned to the crop’s needs and to the amount of N released from soil, N use efficiency will improve and N losses to the environment will decrease. A better soil quality assures good crop yield, even under extreme weather circumstances.
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