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Main research question/goal
How and when should which stakeholders (researchers, farmers, advisors, industry, consumers and civil society) be involved in the research process concerning organic agriculture? This research focuses on the prioritization of research questions for organic agriculture at national and international level. The research is part of the COREOrganic II ERAnet project. In this project, 21 European countries share their experiences on organization and coordination of research for organic food and farming in Europe. The premise is that research is not the responsibility of one single actor, institute or organization. The success of a research process depends on the extent to which different stakeholders receive a role that they fulfill in an optimal way.

Research approach
Using a survey, the partner countries investigate how stakeholders are involved in the research process at national level. Based on the results we identify factors and tools to improve the engagement of actors. At transnational level we identify stakeholders that can be involved in the organization of transnational research for organic agriculture in Europe.

The participation of stakeholders increases the support for decisions that are made. This influences both the result and the process. Close engagement of different actors in the design of research priorities and the entire research process, from question to result, often leads to better results, because expectations and opinions of different actors are included in the decision-making. The results of the research can be used in support of the partner countries to optimize their own methods in the future.
Effective start/end date1/03/1031/08/13

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