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Main research question/goal

From the market there is a clear trend towards a richer use of raw materials in everyday products. This trend has several angles:

Nutritional: Consumers are more aware of their health and are asking for nutritionally richer variants of everyday products and snacks, which preferably also contain fewer allergens.
Authenticity and sustainability: Consumers are increasingly opting for authentic, local and valorised raw materials instead of raw materials from industrial mass production from distant countries in order to reduce the impact of food production on the environment.
Taste and functionality: Consumers demand new flavours and a richer offer, but with simpler recipes - such as clean and clear label products.

Research approach

This project therefore wants to map the potential of different (known and less known) crops and their derived raw materials, both in terms of nutritional qualities, technological functionality and impact on product and taste, as well as sustainability characteristics and economic feasibility. By combining existing information, combined with new analyses in case of missing information, an overall picture can be sketched that takes into account different aspects of a range of interesting crops and the raw materials derived from them.


The aim of this project is to arrive at a wealth of available and new information in a knowledge matrix of at least 150 known and less known crops/raw materials. This knowledge matrix will contain a very extensive 'technical data sheet' of each crop and the raw materials derived from it, with information on the nutritional composition (macro- and micro level), agro-economic properties (cultivation properties, ecological properties, availability), functional properties (taste, behaviour in water, enzymatic activity) and application possibilities.

For valorisation purposes, this knowledge matrix will be converted into an online database tool, where information can be retrieved on a specific crop, or a crop that meets specific criteria can be searched for.

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