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Main research question/goal
This research project focuses on a very harmful insect, the allium leaf miner. The aim is to establish a guided and integrated control strategy for this pest fly in leek. The allium leaf miner, Phytomyza gymnostoma, spreads from southern and central Europe to our regions and causes considerable damage in the cultivation of leek in Flanders. Damage is only seen when the leek is being cleaned; usually the leek is unsaleable as a result. Due to the recent nature of this pest (observed for the first time on experimental fields in 2012), there is currently no adequate control strategy available.

Research approach
The following strategic research packages will be discussed: (1) the morphological and molecular identification of leaf miners, (2) an unambiguous identification and a direct and user-friendly recognition of the pest in the field, (3) the development of a good monitoring methodology, (4) determining the life cycle and the phenology and setting up a degree-day model, (5) monitoring natural enemies in the field and integrating the knowledge about the population build-up of natural enemies in the management strategy and (6) testing different field management practices and determining the efficiency of various insecticides.

In addition to leek growers, other growers such as growers of onions and chives will also benefit from the obtained project results. Not only the growers, but also the suppliers of plant protection products benefit from this project. The suppliers of crop protection products can give more specific information about the availability of their products, which will further contribute to a sustainable integrated control (IPM) of this harmful leaf miner.
Effective start/end date1/05/1630/04/20

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