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Main research question/goal
How can we improve the economic value of the brown shrimp fishery? Brown shrimp is the most popular fisheries product for the Flemish market, but the majority of the catch goes to the Netherlands. There’s not enough brown shrimp being carried to Belgian ports and hence the Flemish shrimp fishery is unable to meet the domestic demand, even without a quota on brown shrimp. Can we find a way to keep more brown shrimp and their by-products in the Belgian market, with a higher price-point for the shrimp fishers as a result? The low prices the last few years have brought problems to the shrimp industry. Flemish brown shrimp need to be upgraded.

Research approach
The CrangonValor project combines innovative concepts for shrimp products with a specific valorization of byproducts from the shrimp fishery as high value products. The researchers analyze how to maximize the value of the brown shrimp caught and their by-products (shrimp heads and shells) for Belgian consumption. For example, one economically viable chain is the production of fish concentrates for soups and sauces.

By exploring the possibilities to valorize currently not commercialized by-products or by-products with a limited added value, the shrimp sector can better react to future challenges.

External partner(s)
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