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Main research question/goal
The UAV (“unmanned aerial vehicles” or drones) sector is developing rapidly, but there are still many opportunities where RPAS (remotely piloted air systems) technology can provide added value. The general public can still warm up more to this technology, however. The Icares project focuses on three sectors:1) agriculture, 2) water and infrastructure and 3) forest and nature management. In all three sectors, inspection and monitoring are necessary to make maintenance and management efficient and cost effective. In this project, we bring supply and demand closer to each other through demonstration flights, with the aim of creating a more demand-driven market development. End users gain access to the capabilities of UAVs in day-to-day operations, and developers, service providers, and certified UAV pilots will gain insight into the market demand.


Research approach
Large-scale demo events and a survey of the sector are planned. The demos are carried out by certified companies in various sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure and water and nature. Virtual contact points will be created that provide answers to common questions related to remote sensing and RPAS use in general. Test and demonstration sites are set up to encourage UAV use. The sector is surveyed via online questionnaires to map the needs of the sector.

Networking, knowledge creation and innovation are the expected lasting contributions of this project. This collaboration will match end users with service providers to stimulate innovation in remote sensing. From the contacts made and the surveys performed, collaborations around innovative applications will emerge, possibly in an international context. This broad context guarantees a more sustainable rollout of the solutions and improvements, and these (new) applications can then further stimulate the sectors themselves. This approach should lead to partner matching and eventually a functional UAV consortium that will help to shape a workable and sustainable European RPAS legislation.  

Effective start/end date1/12/1628/02/20

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