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Main research question/goal
This project aims to improve the emission reporting to the European Communion for the agriculture and silviculture industries. The emissions from off-road mobile machinery are modelled separately. Agricultural machines are almost exclusively used off-road. We seek to establish reliable fuel consumption indicators for the annual fuel consumption of different agricultural subsectors including animal and plant production. The annual fuel consumption of silviculture is also calculated. This project is commissioned by the Environment, Nature and Energy Department of Flanders. Fuel consumption indicators are presented for the three Belgian regions.

Research approach
Fuel consumption indicators (L/ha) are calculated for plant production based on cultivation technique, number and type of field operations, tractor capacities, soil resistance, and field plot sizes. The model does not distinguish between off-road activities from contract workers or farmers. Fuel consumption indicators (L/farm/y) are calculated for animal production based on the tasks, their frequencies, and the related number of hours of engine service performed by mobile machinery. The subsectors for which the energy consumption is assessed are: arable farming (including cereals, industrial crops, fodder crops, potatoes, dry harvested legumes, and field vegetables), pasture (temporary and permanent) and fallow land, and livestock farming (including cattle farming, pig husbandry, and poultry housing).

Emissions are calculated from the energy consumption and the engine technology. Every year, the off-road emissions calculated by the model (‘Offrem’) are reported for plant production by multiplying the actual ha of land use with the fuel consumption indicator in L/ha and for animal production by multiplying the actual number of farms with the fuel consumption indicator in L/farm/y. The fuel consumption indicators for off-road diesel consumption are also useful for life cycle assessment studies (LCA’s). In the SUSTAINTOOL research programme at ILVO, LCA’s are performed.
Effective start/end date1/01/0810/06/09

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