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Main research question/goal
To what extent can animal welfare and animal health be improved in Europe using an economic approach? How can and should economics contribute to research, education and policy concerning animal health and welfare? ILVO participates in the international networking project "NEAT" to contribute to these questions. This network coordinates networking, communication and cooperation activities, mostly at the European level, to enhance the use and usefulness of economics in animal health and welfare.

Research approach
The research partners in the NEAT network identify current practices concerning the use of economics to support decisions relating to animal health and welfare that are made at the education, research and policy levels. Next, the network identifies needs and gaps, both methodologically and institutionally, which hamper the use of economics in animal health and welfare decisions. Based on this, we develop methodological and institutional recommendations and strategies for best practices, with the aim of enhancing the incorporation of economic principles in education, policy and research concerning animal health and welfare.  

We expect that the best practices and strategies for the beneficial use of economics in animal health and welfare to become more widely spread and used by students, research and professionals in the fields of animal health and welfare.
Effective start/end date1/10/1230/09/15

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