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Main research question/goal

The aim of this project is to further concretize and adapt the concept of the quality of our living environment, which is central to the functioning and operations of the Flemish Land Agency (VLM). This will be done by applying the ecosystem services approach and the tools developed within the IMAGO and ECOPLAN project. The results of the project should lead to a substantive deepening of the concept of "Quality of the Living Environment", partly through the elaboration of the relationship between the conceptual framework of ecosystem services and the quality of our living environment . In addition, it must lead to capacity building and support for the practical applications of both concepts, as well as the IMAGO tools.

Research approach

An internal learning path will be set up, whereby four VLM pilot projects will be supported in their operation and familiarized with the concepts and tools. These pilot projects will be supervised, based on a participatory, flexible, interactive, tailor-made approach. In addition, the project aims at a cross-fertilization between theory and practice. This means that available tools (such as IMAGO and ECOPLAN tools) will be deployed deliberately and tailor-made in each of these four pilot projects.


OmiA will not deliver yet another roadmap, but chooses to integrate the existing knowledge into practice. The lessons learned from the internal learning path will contribute to building the necessary capacities to further integrate environmental quality, ecosystem services and the IMAGO tools within the daily operations of VLM.

Effective start/end date29/03/1828/03/19

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