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Main research question/goal
Ghent is a pioneer city in Flanders concerning the development of a local food strategy. The project ‘Scaling up of short supply chains’ is part of this strategy, as it aims to explore the options for an upscaling of short-chains systems. It targets three groups of consumers of bulk products: the hotel and catering industry, retails and industrial catering. The project has three dimensions: highlighting inspiring international examples; creating actor support from relevant players in the short supply chain; and designing possible pilot projects.

Research approach
Besides performance of a explorative literature review, the project ‘Scaling up of short supply chains’ is action-oriented research. A series of interviews, meetings and workshops leads to the creation of partnerships and to the formulation of three pilot projects with different impacts on upscaling and different time frames. The Business Model Canvas structures these pilots. The resulting scenarios are studies by a group of experts, with specific attention for logistics, life cycle analysis, cost-benefit analyses, marketing, impact of urban networks, and the potential for transition.

The action-oriented project ‘Scaling up of short supply chains’ is the first step in a process (initiated by the City of Ghent) that aims to increase the impact of short supply chains for three groups of bulk consumers (hotel and catering industry, retail and industrial catering). The project will result in a specific phase of implementation, steered by the Ghent City Council. Further, the project is relevant for the larger Flemish context, which has numerous initiatives dealing with local food strategies, short supply chains, urban agriculture, etc.
Effective start/end date21/12/1631/10/17

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