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Main research question/goal

The aim of this project is to present available geographic information in multiple layers in a user-friendly online  system of interactive maps. In this way, policymakers, the producer organization (Redercentrale, the Belgian boat owners' organization), and also the professional fishermen can make the necessary decisons for their activities in a more flexible way and with sound background information. 

Research approach

In the first part of the project, the information platform is developed and some layers of information are added. These include data layers like fishing effort (in fishing hours) and landings data per species. Furthermore, selection layers are included such as for fisheries restrictions in marine protected areas, ICES areas, etc. At the beginning of the second year a test version is discussed with the stakeholders. Based on this participation process, the tool is developed further and fine-tuned.


We expect that the digital informative maps of Geofish will be a helpful tool for fishermen as well as policymakers to get a current and accurate overview of the (legal) state of each fishing area. Geovis becomes a sector-supporting tool that visualizes fishing activities along with the geographic locations of other maritime sectors. For several decates, the Belgian fishing industry is under pressure due to high fuel costs and catch limitations (declining stocks), and the available fishing grounds are increasingly regulated by numerous (European) regulations and directives. In addition, a more intensive use of marine space and new stakeholders leads to greater competion between the fishing industry and other maritime sectors and the available time and space for fishing is becoming more limited.

Effective start/end date31/12/1730/06/20

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