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Main research question/goal
Can we develop and deliver a sustainable potting soil for the hobby market based on compost and other alternatives for peat? Which locally produced and available feedstock materials can be used?  What are the properties of the currently applied growing medium constituents and potting soil mixtures, what is the best blend, and how sustainable are these mixtures?

Research approach
We assess the quality and value as growing medium for a range of alternative and sustainable potting soil mixtures. Important points for growing medium constituents and substrates are the physical and chemical stability, the variable properties of secondary materials and the water holding capacity of the potting soil. In addition, the physico-chemical quality commercial quality of the potting soils and the plants is assessed. A quality control and assurance for growing medium constituents and potting soil mixtures is developed in the context of integrated chain management.

The DuPoCo project strives for sustainable use of materials and resources and an eco-efficient production of potting soil for reducing the consumption of resources, energy and materials. DuPoCo helps to increase the efficiency of the recycling economy.
Effective start/end date1/10/1130/09/13

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