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Main research question/goal

De general aim of this project is to develop a monitoring system that can be implemented immediately at the slaughter plant for assessing, benchmarking and improving the welfare of laying hens during production until slaughter.

Research approach

In close consultation with the steering group of stakeholder-representatives, the instrument will be made operational by the following steps:

(1) Identification of suitable indicators of animal welfare for the various stages of the production process (egg-production, catching & transport, slaughter) and that can be scored at slaughter;

(2) Building a representative datasbase for the selected indicators by monitoring at least 45 flocks of hens housed in enriched cages and non-cage systems from the start of production until slaughter;

(3) Development of a mobile app for data-entry and processing with instantaneous feedback (benchmarking, required actions when cut-offs are not met) to those responsible;

(4) Implemenation of the system in all Flemish abatoirs and evaluation.


The welfare of laying hens is a hot and much debated topic. The monitoring & benchmarking system that will be developed and implemented in this project offers the possibility to improve laying hen welfare during the various phases of ther life in a cost-efficient yet resolute manner.

Funding provider(s)
Vlaamse Overheid - Leefmilieu, Natuur & Energie - Dienst Dierenwelzijn

External partner(s)
Proefbedrijf Pluimveehouderij
Effective start/end date1/03/1928/02/23

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