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Main research question/goal
A vessel applying pulse fields for fishing generally targets a specific species. Its equipment (pulse generator) generates a certain type of electric field. Aiming at cost and time efficiency, this project developed a technology that allows two types of electric fields to be generated, one for shrimp and one for sole as a target species. When a vessel switches to another target species, the fisherman no longer needs to change his entire fishing gear and equipment. A pulse rig that combines both pulse types allows the vessel to fish with the same equipment all year through.


Research approach
In this project ILVO plays a supporting role during sea trials. ILVO provides underwater observations of the gear in action for its optimization. We evaluate the performance of pulse fishing on the basis of detailed analyzes of commercial fish species, non-commercial fish, as well as invertebrates. We compare the catches with the ones by a traditional trawler.


In this project ILVO, together with private partners Zeevisserijbedrijf P.A. Baaij en Zn, and Delmeco Fishing Technologies, is developing a pulse system and gear for both flatfish and shrimp fishery. For the private partners and prospective pulse fishermen, it is important to have objective efficiency figures.

Effective start/end date1/07/1228/02/15

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