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Main research question/goal
Invasive alien species (species either intentionally or unintentionally introduced by humans which threaten local ecosystems) can cause significant losses of biodiversity. In recent years Belgium has already developed several tools to support the policy of introduced species, such as a register of experts and administrators, risk assessment protocols and an early warning system. But the frequent and fragmented sources still often slow the flow of data into science and policy. This project TrIAS (IAS stands for "Invasive Alien Species") aims to realize a driven workflow of the relevant information.


Research approach

All data (types of lists and observations) around invasive species in the terrestrial and aquatic environment are traced, processed and made available as open data. TrIAS aims at reproducible, open and automated workflows. From these open data, certain indicators for invasive exotics are also automatically monitored and emerging species are detected. Risk assessments are carried out, for example through advanced risk models and maps, for a number of emerging exotic species.

We expect to better be able to track the evolutions and progressions of marine alien species (AS). Both the identification of emerging species and the estimation of their current and future capacity for threat (risk) is likely to be faster, more accurate and more structured. TrIAS makes it possible to inform the policymakers in a (more) timely manner. There are obvious advantages to the planned open data infrastructures and 'open science'. We increase inter-operability, repeatability and sustainability by using international biodiversity standards. The expected (necessary) adjustments to future requirements in an evolving IAS policy landscape, both locally and internationally, become possible. The partners ILVO and VLIZ have the plan to use this and apply it in relation to the marine ecosystem, which can make monitoring and management more efficient, and where policy questions can be answered more specifically.
Effective start/end date15/12/1631/03/21

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