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Main research question/goal
The objective is to develop farm models that can be used for answering research questions and decision support in practice. The models contain one or several farm objectives and allow for quantifying decision variables based on information on technology, available resources, market data and policy.

Research approach
A participatory approach involving stakeholders (e.g. scientists, farmers, farm advisors) is used in order to develop the models. This approach allows for identifying relevant research questions that can be answered by the models. Moreover, mathematical techniques (mathematical programming, econometrics etc.) can be incorporated while at the same time assuring that the models are user-friendly for practical decision support. The developed models have a unique generic data structure. All data that are used by the models are first introduced into this data structure. This provides transparency in tuning models and data. The generic data structure also contains reference values of key performance indicators that can be used in different models.

This research gives insights into the optimal use of resources in order to reach farm objectives. The participatory research approach offers possibilities for both scientific and practical valorisation. A web-based interface is used to place the user-friendly models at the disposal of end-users, e.g. farmers and farm advisors. End-users can support their decisions by applying the models. The models can also be applied for policy preparation work, for example to simulate the effect of policy options on business decisions. Better decision making by both farmers and policy makers will eventually lead to more sustainable agriculture.
Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/13

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