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Main research question/goal
This study investigates the reasons why (inter)national companies of the agribusiness choose (or not) to commercialise ingredients derived from genetically modified (GM) crops on the European market. Second, we try to understand all the different parameters that determine the future possibilities of GM crop (applications) in the EU.

Research approach
The different motivations behind an agribusiness company’s GM policy were investigated by in-depth interviews with multiple stakeholders of the agribusiness, based on a case study in Flanders (Belgium). This data were analysed by content-analysis and these results are used as input for a socio-technical scenario analysis.


This study provides new insights in the complexity of the multifaceted decision-making processes of agribusiness company’s GM policy. Combined with the insights of the scenario-analysis, this study enables to grasp some of the (future) market dynamics of GM crop (application) in the EU.

Effective start/end date1/10/0919/07/16

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