DEMO New sensor techniques for determining the quality of meat.

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Simon Cool - Spreker op uitnodiging

Bert Callens - Spreker op uitnodiging

Karen Verstraete - Moderator

Results of a small-scale measurement campaign for fast inspection of pork meat quality are shown. Correlations are studied between reference parameters (drip, intra-muscular fat, color, pH, cooking loss), NIR spectrometer data, and hyperspectral images. Live demo of a NIR sensor with meat probe (ASD Labspec 4; Inventech) and a hyperspectral camera (Specim FX10e; Spectrapartners). Study in cooperation with Ghent University (Project Vlevavlees).

Event (Workshop)

TitelHALLO TECHNOLOGIE: Measurements in production: Improving hygiene, processing, product quality (free webinar)
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