1. Lybaert, Charlotte

    Lybaert, Charlotte

    Innovation and technology management

  2. Lukasiewicz, Joanna

    Lukasiewicz, Ania

    Genetics not elsewhere classified

  3. Lourenço Ribeiro Alves, Marta

    Lourenço Ribeiro Alves, Marta

    Agricultural animal husbandry, Agricultural animal nutrition, Agricultural animal welfare, Veterinary nutrition

  4. Lootens, Peter

    Lootens, Peter

    Agricultural spatial analysis and modelling, Crop science

  5. Lippens, Evi
  6. Lippens, Marieke

    Lippens, Marieke

    Bacteriology, Forestry sciences not elsewhere classified, Horticultural crop protection, Inorganic elements and compounds, Metabolomics, Other organic elements and compounds, Phytopathology, Plant biochemistry, Plant morphology, anatomy and physiology

  7. Liberloo, Marion

    Liberloo, Marion

    Adult education, Agricultural systems analysis and modelling, Methodology of pedagogical and educational research, Sustainable agriculture, Terrestrial ecology

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