1. Maes, Eva

    Maes, Eva

    Agricultural systems analysis and modelling, Agricultural technology, Sustainable agriculture

  2. Malengier, Marianne
  3. Marchand, Fleur

    Marchand, Fleur

    Adult education, Agricultural systems analysis and modelling, Applied sociology not elsewhere classified, Farm and rural management, Informal learning, Sustainable agriculture

  4. Maselyne, Jarissa

    Maselyne, Jarissa

    Agricultural animal husbandry, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering not elsewhere classified, Signals and systems

  5. Mertens, Koen

    Mertens, Koen

    Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering not elsewhere classified

  6. Messely, Lies

    Messely, Lies

    Local and urban politics, Urban and regional geography not elsewhere classified

  7. Meyers, Nelle
  8. Millet, Sam

    Millet, Sam

    Agricultural animal husbandry, Agricultural animal nutrition

  9. Minne, Bart
  10. Molnár, Anikó
  11. Muylle, Hilde

    Muylle, Hilde

    Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology, Crop science