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The morphology of eight indigenous rose species in Flanders was analysed and compared to two well-known taxonomic classifications. Leaf and hip characteristics were studied for 337 individuals and the data were processed with a multivariate analysis. Of the 12 morphometric and 29 descriptive characteristics analysed, only 17 were determined as diagnostic. The results show that the eight species can be differentiated. The morphological variation is large and an overlap between the groups indicate putative historical and/or recent hybridisation and introgression. The comparative taxonomic study indicates that the species in Flanders differ in certain aspects from the descriptions in literature.
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TitelProceedings of the IVth International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation
EditorsHB Pemberton
ISBN van geprinte versie978-90-6605-560-5
StatusGepubliceerd - 2007
Event4th International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation - Santa Barbara, Verenigde Staten van Amerika
Duur: 18-sep-200522-sep-2005

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