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Steinernema robustispiculum n. sp. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) was isolated from woodland in Chumornray National Park, Sason, Sathay, Kontum, Vietnam. Its morphology, morphometrics, cross-hybridisation and the ITS-rDNA sequence analysis revealed that S. robustispiculum clearly differs from other known Steinernema spp. As in the cases of S. intermedium (Poinar, 1985), S. robustispiculum has very robust spicules, but it can be distinguished by the longer tail of the infective juvenile, lower E shorter spicules, the shape of the spicules, the number of genital papillae in the caudal region and the presence of a mucron on the male tail. S. robustispiculum has a lateral field resembling that of S. sangi Phan, Nguyen Moens, 2001, but can be distinguished by a higher E higher D smaller length to width ratio of the spicules and the morphology of both the spicule head (manubrium) and the dorsal lobe of the spicule. The morphometrics of infective juveniles of S. robustispiculum are similar to those of S. monticolum Stock, Choo Kaya, 1997; these species can be distinguished by the position of the excretory pore, the smaller length to width ratio of the spicules, and the length and morphology of the spicule head (manubrium). The phylogenetic relationships within Steinernema Travassos, 1927, including the newly sequenced Vietnamese species S. robustispiculum n. sp., S. loci Phan, Nguyen Moens, 2001, S. thanhi Phan, Nguyen Moens, 2001 and S. sangi, are presented based on analyses of the ITS-rDNA. The ITS RFLP profiles obtained from 17 different restriction enzymes are also presented.

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