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In PACIOLI 3 the Belgian delegation presented a paper on the revision of farm typology in order to obtain more continue accountancy data series. This paper reports on how these propositions were developed, introduced and worked out in the Belgian FADN. The most important change was that for the determination of the farm typology the most recent sets of standard gross margins (SGM) are used, and that this SGM's are calculated over a period of five years instead of three. The observation field of the farm accountancy data network (FADN) has now a lower and an upper limit, before there was only a lower limit. The limits
of the field of observation and the dimension classes were expressed in standard units of dimension (SUD). When a new set of SGM's is used the value of a SUD is adapted using the evolution of the weighted total SGM. The results of working with the new system were satisfying and the results of the Belgian FADN are now more adapted to the evolutions in the agricultural sector.
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TitelPACIOLI 9, Innovations in the FADN
EditorsGeorges Beers, Krijn Poppe
Plaats productieDen Haag, Nederland
UitgeverijLEI, part of Stichting Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (DLO foundation)
ISBN van geprinte versie90-5242-7275
StatusGepubliceerd - jun-2002
EventPACIOLI 9, FADN's: Serving Users' Needs ? - Braunschweig, Duitsland
Duur: 11-nov-200114-nov-2001

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