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  • De ontwikkeling en preventie van klauw- en pootproblemen bij zeugen in groepshuisvesting : interactieve effecten van gedrag, voeding en stalvloer

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Claw lesions and lameness in sows are important emerging problems in the pig industry, resulting in impaired welfare and economic losses.
Some methods to detect claw lesions in sows are available but there are limitations in their use to collect data from the front and hind claws on-farm and during all reproductive phases.
Therefore, the Mobile Claw Scoring Device (MCSD) was developed with the aim to detect claw lesions in sows on farms.
The MCSD consists of two cameras mounted in a two-segments aluminium frame and covered with laminated toughened glass plates. The operating system slides underneath the claws of sows and takes images and videos of the claws. The claws are scored for claw lesions and longitudinally monitored.
The MCSD is designed for on-farm claw scoring in sows housed in individual or farrowing crates. This device is applicable for repeated measurements and developed to induce less stress compared with other methods.
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