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For agriculture to meet the multiple expectations emerging from society and contribute to tackling the challenges of food security, food safety, quality, sustainability and climate change in Europe, farming systems have to become more knowledge-based. Farmers need to be aware of, have access to, and be able to co-create the best practices available. Currently there are many debates about how to organize the production, accumulation and distribution of knowledge to support innovative agriculture. Knowledge transfer has in the past been conceptualized as a rather linear process of passing on new research-based knowledge to farmers in the form of advice and recommendations for changes in the way they farm and manage their enterprises. However, a changing context with respect to extension, markets and challenges has initiated a more complex system of knowledge exchange. Rather than a linear model of innovation, this is now envisaged as a set of networks, in which innovation is ‘co-produced’ through interactions between all stakeholders in the food chain called AKIS - Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (EU SCAR, 2012). Research on the adoption and diffusion of innovations has consistently confirmed that one of farmers’ most commonly cited sources of information and ideas is other farmers (Rogers, 1995). Farmers and small scale foresters tend to be most influenced by proof of successful farming methods by their peers (Kilpatrick and Johns, 2003; Warner, 2007; Schneider et al., 2009; Hamunen et al., 2015). In industrialized countries, however, this collaborative learning has become increasingly marginalized (Hassanein, 1999; Campbell, 1998). Industrialized agriculture has drawn more individual farmers into supply chains where they often act more as competitors, in order to achieve a low-cost strategy. This may have contributed to a weakened collective culture that can sustain such learning through dialogue in certain industrialized countries (Bell, 2004).
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