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A benchmark study on nutrient legislation for horticultural crops in some European countries has been done by a consortium of Flemish institutes involved in nutrient management of horticultural crops. Therefore, the members of the consortium visited horticultural institutes and contacted persons responsible for nutrient legislation in some EU countries and Switzerland. By filling out a questionnaire and discussions with the responsible researchers and governmental people, the members of the consortium got well documented information of the nutrient legislation in these countries. This paper gives a summary of the different nutrient legislations for horticultural crops in the various countries. It ends up with points of discussion with the aim to clarify some points in the various legislations as well as to come up with ideas about harmonisation where obvious.
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TitelNUTRIHORT : Proceedings : Nutrient Management, Innovative Techniques and Nutrient Legislation in Intensive Horticulture for an Improved Water Quality
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