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A participatory - expert-driven – approach was used to create DISCUSS, a dual indicator set that pairs a pesticide risk assessment system with a farm inquiry. DISCUSS was designed for implementation in farmers’ discussion groups, coached by an advisor. Before taking it from the design table into practice though, some additional conditions need to be fulfilled. This paper discusses some of the preconditions for the implementation of DISCUSS with e.g. groups of fruit growers.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageVoorwaarden voor implementatie in de praktijk van DISCUSS, de tweeledige indicatorenset voor duurzame gewasbescherming
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TijdschriftIOBC-WPRS Bulletin
Pagina's (van-tot)523-529
Aantal pagina's7
StatusGepubliceerd - aug-2013
Event8th International Conference on Integrated Fruit Production - Kusadasi, Turkije
Duur: 7-okt-201212-okt-2012

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