• I Hwang
  • T Kohchi
  • BM Hauge
  • HM Goodman
  • R Schmidt
  • Gerda Cnops
  • C Dean
  • S Gibson
  • K Iba
  • B Lemieux
  • V Arondel
  • L Danhoff
  • C Somerville

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YAC clones corresponding to 125 Arabidopsis thaliana RFLP markers have been identified. At least one YAC clone has been isolated for each of the RFLP markers tested. Based on CHEF gel analysis of 196 clones, the mean insert size of the available Arabidopsis YAC libraries is approximately 160 kb. The YACs of known genetic map location encompass about 30% of the Arabidopsis genome. The results presented here represent a first step towards assembly of an overlapping YAC library of the A. thaliana genome.

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TijdschriftPlant Biotechnology Journal
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1-nov-1991

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