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In this paper, we assessed the exposure of a cow to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) induced by a wireless power transfer (WPT) system working at 92 kHz in a dairy barn. Cow exposure to the radiated EMFs was evaluated and compared to safety guidelines. We modeled a realistic WPT system for dairy cows in Sim4Life, a 3D electromagnetic simulation tool. We validated the model with electric field measurements; simulated fields deviated on average 6% from measured fields. We used the proposed WPT model to evaluate the stimulation and thermal effects based on the internal electric field and the specific absorption rate (SAR), respectively. Results showed that the exposure mainly varied with the distance of the transmitter to the body: variation of 5 dB of the induced electric field when the transmitter was set at 20 cm and 10 cm from the body. The distance of the receiver to the body influenced the exposure less (10%). We also compared the exposure with the limits provided by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The internal electric fields were more conservative than SAR, which showed values far below exposure limits.
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