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The farming community currently growing fodder crops and grassland in areas with intensive dairy production in the EU is confronted with opportunities and threats related to (1) characteristics of cropping systems, (2) scientific and technological developments, (3) tightening of regulations, (4) scarcity of land and restricted freedom of use of the land, (5) changing climate and (6) changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour. Using highly productive varieties in appropriate crop rotations, and applying good agricultural practices, offers opportunities for reducing environmental impacts hence proactively preventing further strengthening of the regulations. The scarcity of land in densely populated areas and ongoing restrictions on the freedom to use the land are confronting intensive dairy farmers with problems for which technical solutions may not bring relief. The decreasing consumption of animal products in the developed world may change land use in the future.
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TitelGrassland and forages in high output dairy farming systems
Plaats productieWageningen
UitgeverijEuropean Grassland Federation
StatusGepubliceerd - 15-jun-2015
Event18th EGF Symposium on "Grassland and Forage in High Output Dairy Farming Systems" - Wageningen, Nederland
Duur: 15-jun-201517-jun-2015

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