1. 2019
  2. Selection of universal peptide biomarkers for the detection of the allergen hazelnut in food trough a comprehensive, high resolution mass spectrometric (HRMS) based approach. / Van Vlierberghe, Kaatje; Gavage, Maxime; Dieu, Marc; Renard, Patsy; Arnould, Thierry; Gillard, Nathalie; Coudijzer, Katleen.; De Loose, Marc; Gevaert, K.; Van Poucke, C.

    In: FOOD CHEMISTRY, 10.2019, blz. 125679.

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  3. Calibration, Conversion, and Quantitative Multi-Layer Inversion of Multi-Coil Rigid-Boom Electromagnetic Induction Data. / von Hebel, Christian; van der Kruk, Jan; Huisman, Johan A.; Mester, Achim; Altdorff, Daniel; Endres, Anthony L.; Zimmermann, Egon; Garre, Sarah; Vereecken, Harry.


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  4. 2018
  5. Preigroen als multifunctioneel ingrediënt. / Bernaert, Nathalie.

    Flanders' FOOD radar. 2018.

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  6. Effects of a "one film for 2 years' system on the grain yield, water use efficiency and cost-benefit balance in dryland spring maize (Zea mays L.) on the Loess Plateau, China. / Chen, Baoqing; Yan, Changrong; Garre, Sarah; Mei, Xurong; Liu, Enke.

    In: Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, Vol. 64, Nr. 7, 2018, blz. 939-952.

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  7. Modelling soil water dynamic in rain-fed spring maize field with plastic mulching. / Chen, Baoqing; Liu, Enke; Mei, Xurong; Yan, Changrong; Garre, Sarah.

    In: Agricultural Water Management, Vol. 198, 02.02.2018, blz. 19-27.

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  8. A flexible geometric model for leaf shape descriptions with high accuracy. / Coussement, Jonas R.; Steppe, Kathy; Lootens, Peter; Roldan-Ruiz, Isabel; De Swaef, Tom.

    In: SILVA FENNICA, Vol. 52, Nr. 2, 2018.

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  9. A tree-bordered field as a surrogate for agroforestry in temperate regions: Where does the water go? / Coussement, Tom; Maloteau, Sophie; Pardon, Paul; Artru, Sidonie; Ridley, Simon; Javaux, Mathieu; Garre, Sarah.

    In: Agricultural Water Management, Vol. 210, 30.11.2018, blz. 198-207.

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  10. Introducing turgor-driven growth dynamics into functional-structural plant models. / Coussement, Jonas R.; De Swaef, Tom; Lootens, Peter; Roldan-Ruiz, Isabel; Steppe, Kathy.

    In: Annals of Botany, Vol. 121, Nr. 5, 04.2018, blz. 849-861.

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  11. Active and species-specific dispersal behaviour in a marine nematode cryptic species complex. / De Meester, N.; Van Daele, T.; Van Malderen, J.; Monteiro, L.; Van Colen, C.; Derycke, S.; Moens, T.

    In: Marine Ecology-Progress Series, Vol. 600, 30.07.2018, blz. 71-83.

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  12. Study of gastrointestinal communities of cows and pigs by metagenomics, with the focus on methane emission and antibiotic resistance. / De Mulder, Thijs.

    Gent : UGent, Faculteit Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen, 2018. 235 blz.

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