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  • Ontwikkeling van een algemene strategie voor detectie, identificatie en kwantificatie van genetisch gemodificeerd materiaal in voedingsproducten en veevoeders

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  • GG- (genetisch gewijzigde) en niet-GG productieketens: hun co-existentie en traceerbaarheid

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  • Ontwikkeling van screening methoden voor GGO's

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  • Marc van den Bulcke
  • Gianni Bellocchi
  • Gilbert Berben
  • Malcolm Burns
  • Katja Kankar
  • Marzia De Giacomo
  • Kristina Gruden
  • Arne Holst-Jensen
  • A. Malcewsky
  • Marco Mazzara
  • Roberta Onori
  • Nina Papazova
  • E. Parlouer
  • Isabel Taverniers
  • Stephanie Trapmann
  • Doerte Wulff
  • D. Zhang

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Experiments conducted within the Co-Extra project have focused mainly on assessing the applicability of the 'modular approach' in method validation and test analysis for GMO traceability in GM products. Conclusions arising from this broad range of studies include: (i) the modular approach in method validation is a very useful and reliable strategy for GMO analysis in most cases; (ii) the modular approach requires expert agreement on method performance criteria both at the module and process levels; (iii) practical application of the modular approach must be supported by a decision support system (preferentially through an open source web application); (iv) fuzzy logic-based rules may provide an interesting advantage for scoring the combinatory fit of methods along the GMO analysis process and (v) the Co-Extra project provided valuable tools for assessing a method's performance in relation to its applicability to the modular approach in GMO analysis.
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TitelGenetically Modified and Non-Genetically Modified Food Supply Chains : Co-Existence and Traceability
EditorsYves Bertheau
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StatusGepubliceerd - nov-2012

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