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The aim of phenotyping is the evaluation of plant behavior in controlled environments and in the fi eld. This is essential to keep pace with developments in plant genotyping. Thorough phenotyping of breeding germplasm enables understanding of the links between genotypes and environmental factors, as it helps the breeder to assess plant traits in a more objective way. Here, we report on the presentations and the subsequent discussions during the Phenotyping Workshop held at the 31 st symposium of the Eucarpia section Forage crop and amenity grasses.
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TitelBreeding in a world of scarcity: proceedings of the 2015 meeting of the section "Forage crops and amenity grasses" of Eucarpia
EditorsIsabel Roldán-Ruiz, Joost Baert, Dirk Reheul
UitgeverijSpringer International Publishing Switzerland
StatusGepubliceerd - 24-jun-2016
Event31st International Eucarpia Symposium (2015): Section Fodder Crops and Amenity Grasses: Breeding in a World of Scarcity - Gent, België
Duur: 13-sep-201517-sep-2015

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